Sirocco Bamboo Center Pole


Sirocco Collection

Bambrella® Sirocco collection has a two-piece pole so that the umbrella pole can be split. This allows for easy storage and ease of transportation.

The pole connector is made from stainless steel and the screw system is extremely strong. The hub and runner are made from nylon, and are designed so that they can be split in half. This permits the arms to be replaced quite easily.

We also use a patented cleat system instead of using a pin to hold up the umbrella. This enables one to have the shade at different heights.

Quick-ship available!

8.5' Sirocco Round - 1.5" Pole

9' Sirocco Round - 1.5" Pole

10' Sirocco Round - 1.5" Pole

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Specifications and Sizes

Spuncrylic® fabric is a polyester material that has gone through a process called solution dying. This gives it a very high resistance to fading from sunlight.  Spuncrylic® fabric also possesses good stain resistance and water repellency characteristics . Additionally, it has a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of at least 50. This material has a similar performance to Acrylics, but at a much more affordable price.

Click on chart below for all Sirocco collection shapes and sizes. Click on color to see a larger swatch.